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First American Flag: How is this here and what does it mean

First American Flag
 First American Flag: How is this here and what does it mean

Facts - The Betsy Ross flag, also known as Betsy Ross Flag, is one of the most popular American flags today. Not surprisingly, because it was the first official flag representing the United States which was only in 1777, only two years after the Declaration of Independence was signed in Philadelphia. The history of this flag and its designer, Betsy Ross, has been rooted in American culture and folklore since then, so that even today, it is a symbol of patriotism throughout the country.

General History

The story of Betsy Ross is one of the most famous legends in the History of the U.S., because it is considered the first American flag. The story continued in 1776, when George Washington arrived at his door asking for a new flag, he made the old British union Jack back what would be the star and lines as we know it today. This origin story is debated by historians; However, this is still a loved patriotic myth used for today at the Fourth of July celebration throughout the country. There are also many other theories about how the flag is included in some with the origin far earlier than the heroes of the era of our revolutionary war. One explanation that might come from Francis Hopkinson, who is actually one of the three designers who are credited by creating original designs (with Mrs. Ross and unknown third person). In his version, he designed the lines themselves but did not realize that the stars had been taken from the pattern that was created by others until after he sent his picture -which he then tried to delete because he did not want other ideas related to his work. The claim is never officially recognized so there is no exact answer about who should receive credit for our national symbol.

15-star, 15 lines

The 15-Stripe 15-star flag is the first official flag of the United States. The history of the Betsy Ross flag is full of legend. Historians believe that at the end of 1776 or early 1777, Tailor Philadelphia Betsy Ross had made the first American flag from the sketch provided by George Washington. The striking similarity between this first banner and today's version has caused a question about whether Betsy Ross was truly successful from the rough images that he showed his children.

As a young woman, Betsy entered an internship with Robert Greathead to learn how to become a professional coating. He often works with him in projects for a continental congress, helping to embroider and sew. When he was 24 years old, Betsy was widowed twice (secondly as a result of smallpox). When we were 27 years old he married John Ross, Jr., who worked as a saddle and harness maker. With John's help, he expanded his business to include curtains and other furniture for houses around Philadelphia. On July 4, 1776, General George Washington chose six of his staff members - including Colonel George Ross, General Charles Ross's aide, and War Secretary Joseph Reed - to create official standards for troops. There are many conflicting stories about what happened next. Some claim that Ny. Martha Washington might have helped design the national flag of a new symbol because he had one of only two flags that were known at the time. Others said that since he served under Admiral Nelson during the British attack on Baltimore in 1814, the supreme commander George Ross might contribute to his design based on the design of the Navy Flag; Others still say it can be designed by Mrs.

3-STAR, 11 Stripes (Columbia's Gadsden) Section: 2 Star (Grand Union) Part 1 Star (Betsy Ross)

Many Americans respect the Betsy Ross flag as the first American flag. The story in 1776, George Washington called a widow of Philadelphia to sew the stars and the first lines. The legend of the design runs that he cannot get a clean white material for the first flag so he only divides it into two - separating the red strip from the white ones. This is where the American favorite pattern is located, with seven red and six lines balanced by 13 stars ending in five. Betsy designed this flag to respect her adoption country, aware of its significance right before her death prematurely. During the Revolution War, George Washington allowed his troops to fly the Betsy Ross flag in their camps. After the battle stopped and independence was won, Betsy wrote about her inspiration for her pattern in 1838: I then decided what design I would make - and removed my glasses to work better. When I finished drawing them (stars), I showed it to one of our captains, who said he thought they were good; But say we must have thirteen lines - one for each state. I tell him that if we add a line to each state, there will be twenty lines, and the stars will show too much. But he insisted that there must be thirteen lines - because there were thirteen states that existed at that time.

I know if I don't give up after an empty argument like that and positively rejects all further demands for changes or other changes, no one can save me from going crazy. So I gave up-even though I was very reluctant to collect all my own ideas except to only make a round point instead of a square point that was more like a child's hat than a respectable banner.

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