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8 Things You'll Only Know If You're A Factual Person

Factual Person
 8 Things You'll Only Know If You're A Factual Person

Hoalah - Facts are the backbone of any good conversation. If you can’t discuss the truth, how can you expect to have meaningful discussions? In order to be prepared to talk about the facts, it’s important to know them – and there are some facts that only people who love facts know! These eight facts will help you step up your factual game so that you’re prepared to address just about any topic of conversation with confidence and authority.

1) Facts make you sound smart

There are a lot of other personality types out there, but for the purposes of this post we're going to focus on matter fact. Here are eight facts that matter-fact people can only know: 

1. There is a hidden letter at the end of an i after all (it's called an upside down j). This letter is never included in any word but it makes up part of the alphabet. In other words, without it, words like bite and mean would have entirely different meanings. Other languages spell some words differently because they use this letter more often than English does (for example, ciao instead of bye).

2) Always tell the truth

1. Matter fact, you have to have thick skin when you work in sales. 

2. I'm just being matter-factual when I say the customer is always right. 

3. But if the matter-fact is that we need to talk about money...then yes, let's talk about it later? 

4. Let's be honest, what they really mean is they don't care if the matter-fact is true, as long as it sounds good and builds a connection between them and their audience? 

5. We are all drawn to people who can be truthfully truthful with us...they give us a sense of relief that someone has got our back and will tell us how it really is!

3) Get curious about everything

Do you matter fact? If you want to learn more about factual matters and know the facts, then this post is for you. What are the 8 things that only someone who matter fact would know? Read on to find out!

1) The dictionary definition of 'matter' is a substance or substance in which something is formed or done. The fact that all of our physical bodies are made up of different types of matter means we're not all created equal.

4) Work as hard as you can at one thing

I find that I'm most successful when I can focus on one thing, and work as hard as I can at it. It's a matter of prioritizing what's important to me. What matters factually to me? What facts would matter to you? The answers may surprise you.

5) Understand that your facts are unique

I don't know how to make a pineapple. Matter fact, I'm not even sure where you'd buy one. Do they sell pineapples at grocery stores? Or would you have to go to a specialty food store? I could call around, but that seems like a lot of effort when I could just order one on Amazon and have it delivered in two days. Who knows when I'll need this knowledge and why would the answers be any different than what is written here anyway? The internet can't tell me something that isn't true and with such low stakes why bother now?

6) Read more than you write

You will have to wade through piles of trivia to find the most pertinent facts that answer your questions. It can feel like a full-time job. When you do finally get that sledgehammer and finish off the old cornerstones, you will walk in amazement at how unimportant it all was. The only things left standing are the ones that mattered to you.

Those are the bare facts on what matter fact is about in this post! Keep an eye out for more posts with these keywords!

7) Be picky about your opinions

I don't think the word fact in the phrase matter fact means what you think it does. Anyway, if you are a factual person, this list is for you. 

1) The first thing we do with our socks each morning is match them. And, at night we make sure they are straightened out after we take them off and put them on a different one of our feet. 

2) When someone tells me that I'm like their best friend or they consider me to be their best friend, I am flattered! Even though I never tell people that they are my best friends because then it would just come across like I'm lying...which is not true.

8) The rest of the world cares less about facts than you do.

1. You know how to make facts and figures talk.

2. Facts are more important than feelings, at least when it comes to arguments. 

3. Sometimes people will ignore your ideas because they disagree with you instead of listening to the sound logic behind them. 

4. It's hard for you not to speak up about what you believe in even if you think no one is listening anymore, so now you've been brave enough to show everyone who matters what really matters to you on this matter fact need to know thing that we call life which counts as an achievement in itself right? 

5. For better or worse, you always have a lot to say. 

6. People often tell you that they can't handle too much information or knowledge. 

7. You get a little annoyed when someone starts talking without having any proof to back their claims up. 

8. And finally-and most importantly-you have taken control of your own life by reading this blog post from start to finish!

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