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8 Geographical Facts About the United States that will penetrate your mind

Geographical Facts About the United States
 8 Geographical Facts About the United States that will penetrate your mind

Facts - The United States is a large country, which includes more than 3 million square miles in land alone - it's nine times bigger than Germany and around the same size that is combined by Canada and Mexico! Even though you might think you know everything you need to know about the U.S., there are many interesting geographic facts about the US that might surprise you!

1) The United States is very large

Although the US is only 4% of the world population, we have 25% of the GDP. The US has nine different geographical areas and there are only five countries in the world that have more than one region. So far we are the richest country in Latin America and North America. Great Plains includes most of Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado, and South Dakota and represent 45% of the land area in our country but only 3% of the population lives there (all of them while they plant around 63% of corn). So what are your favorite geography facts about the US? Tell me in the comments below!

Our large open space might make us look like an isolated country - but we don't. In fact, 40% of US imports and exports go to Canada and Mexico only, through nAFTA or other trade agreements. Because so many of our countries depend on a booming economy abroad, it is important to know how other countries rank - not only in size and population - but also in economic power:

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2) The United States has more than 3,000 districts

The United States has more than 3,000 districts, and they cover an area of ​​more than 12 million square miles (49% of the total U.S.). Although Washington D.C., Hawaii, and Alaska are not in the area, their country is part of the US Geography facts about the US that we must share with you. Dividing the United States into smaller parts called subdividing or couning. Various levels of subdivision are known as municipalities (municipalities), regions (regions), state (state), federal districts/districts, regions/regions/dependencies (regions/dependencies), and tribal areas (tribal regions). In other words, there are six levels of subdivision. And quite common for two or more entities to share one geographical limit. For example, Shasta California Regency shares boundaries with the Oregon Kipath Regency; The state of Minnesota shares the boundary with Wisconsin; Massachusetts shared its restrictions with New Hampshire and Rhode Island; Kentucky shared its restrictions with Tennessee and Ohio; While Idaho shared his boundaries with Montana.

The smallest district in the United States only has 1 person: called the Kalawao Regency on Molokai Island in Hawaii, which was founded in 1907 at the orders of Queen Liliuokalani for leprosy discarded from Kalaupapa on the nearest Maui Island.

3) The US has a complex government structure

In 1787, when America was founded, the founders were obsessed with two things: ensuring that they created a system based on freedom and freedom, and ensured that their society was regulated by their own government. These important points are shown in our current government, which has been formed to reflect the principles of freedom as described in our constitution. U.S. Government is a republic and its structure is complex, but here are some geographical facts about the US that will make you think of!

The congress has two branches - the Senate and the House of Representatives. Senate has 100 members; Each state chose two senators for six years. Senator serves staggered requirements so that one third of the chair is ready for election every two years. There are 435 seats in the House of Representatives, one of each congress district in a country (there are 50 states). Each seat is served by one person for a two -year term. When coming to the voting, the representative did not vote directly to the bill as did the senator - on the contrary they chose yes or not according to how their constituents wanted them to choose.

4) The US is explored by Spanish, British, French and Dutch navigators

The US is the third largest country in the world based on territory and population, after Russia and Canada. With a population, this is one of only two countries where less than half of people live in urban areas, along with India. Geographical facts about USA from this blog posting might surprise you:

1) Seventy-seven percent of Americans now live in a metropolitan area from 45% in 1950.

2) Forty -three from the metropolitan region have a population of exceeding 1 million people, up from 12 at that time (1950). And eight metro areas more than 2 million residents. 

3) More than 10% of all residents born foreign. In San Jose, California, 40% are foreigners born; In Miami, Florida, 35%; In Los Angeles, 33%. These numbers increase quickly and will continue to do it when immigration develops.

4) America has no main natural resources other than coal but ranked first among countries for the production of corn oil and a number of fruits and vegetables including tomatoes, potatoes and oranges. American agriculture is also a large business - $ 237 billion per year - produces 14% of national income.

5) Alaska was bought from Russia for $ 7 million

Alaska was bought from Russia for $ 7 million. This is just one of many interesting facts about US geography. Consider Alaska, Texas, and Florida as the three most unique places in our country. Of course there are many more - here are 8 geographical facts about the US that will blow your mind 1) The United States is greater than all other countries in North America.

2) Americans only form 5% of the world's population, but consume 26% of world energy.

3) The distance between New York City and Los Angeles is equal to 700 miles.

4) The surface area of ​​California is greater than France.

5) Hawaii measuring 3,900 square miles, which makes it smaller than Belgium (3,300 square miles). 

6) Alaska covers 1/5 of the US mainland but has less than 1/20 of its population (660 thousand people).

7) Connecticut is the smallest country in terms of land mass with 945 square miles. 

8) Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Tennessee and West Virginia each measured more than 10 million hectares.

6) Legal to become homeless in Hawaii if you have enough real estate

You might think you know America, but you don't do it until you take all the geographical facts about this US. From how wide each state to what it feels like living on the west coast, it seems that there is no end for the surprise that our country has. To be honest, I was surprised by how many statistics I didn't know. Look at the 8 geographical facts about the USA that will make your mind fulfilled! 

1) Wyoming's widest point is only three times wider than the narrowed point of Rhode Island. 

2) The average rainfall per year for Arkansas is 55 inches, which makes it the third limited state in the US. 

3) Legal to be homeless in Hawaii if you have enough real estate: they want everyone to enjoy their islands and coastline. 

4) Montana has more public land than other US states: 98% of Montana is owned publicly or federally managed by institutions such as the Land Management Bureau (BLM). 

5) Delaware only takes an area three times smaller than New Jersey and 2/3rds smaller than Rhode Island with only more than 2 million people living there.

7) Hawaii is one of the seven statesless states

If you like geographic facts about the US, then this is for you. The US is more than just New York and Los Angeles. Here are eight geographical facts about the United States that will make you think:

1) Hawaii is one of the seven statesless states 

2) Longitude gathering in Alaska, making it so that there is only a difference of 12 hours between what time on the east coast and on the west coast 

3) In 2010, Americans spend an average of 1 hour per day back and forth to work, while some people spend time Two hours every day only commuting from their home to their workplace. 

4) Hawaii has actually been conquered by other countries more than other US states, including Japan, Russia and Britain 

5) Wyoming rank number one in terms of having the smallest population density of 50 states 

6) Iowa ranks number three when it comes To have the biggest percentage of female workers from 50 states 

7) Maine is the nickname nickname Tennessee the northern nickname in America comes from the willingness of its citizens to fight for American independence during the Revolutionary War.

8) There are almost 10 million marijuana users in America today (according to Google Trends data)

Many people speculate that marijuana can be legalized nationally, but there is a lot of information that is wrong in relation to this topic. Below are eight geographical facts about the USA to find out:

-In America, almost 10 million people use marijuana every day. -L with half of these users live in California. -Slas Vegas and Detroit also rated high for the level of drug use in America. -The fifth cranking for the use of recreational drugs is Chicago, with a close seattle in sixth place. -Bbaltimore and Boston both are ranked seventh on the list, with Miami coming in the eighth position. -Tharijuana is the most popular among young adults aged 18-29.

-There are around 3.6 million new pot smokers in 2016 alone.

-The state of the state where weeds have been legalized to see the average surge -30% more people smoke weeds.

-California, who has the most cannabis smokers in this country, spends around $ 44 billion per year due to cannabis consumption and addictive maintenance costs.

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