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8 Fun Facts About the World That Will Surprise You

Fun Facts About the World
 8 Fun Facts About the World That Will Surprise You

Facts - What’s the capital of Mongolia? How many countries are there in Africa? The answers to these questions might surprise you, and they’re just two examples of the kind of fun facts you’ll learn about the world in this article. For example, did you know that when ants attack, they march in lockstep with one another? You might think that’s strange, but it can be good news if an ant crawls onto your sandwich while you’re enjoying an outdoor picnic—you just have to follow its path back to the nest to find its queen!

1) Your mind can make you see things

Sometimes your brain can play tricks on you, making it seem like you are seeing something that is not there. This could be an optical illusion, a phenomenon, or a perceptual abnormality that leads to sensory misinterpretation. Despite not actually existing, many people report these illusions and share their thoughts with others who feel exactly the same way as they do. Here are 8 fun facts about the world that will surprise you.

2) The Incas got to Machu Picchu before Europeans even knew it existed

The Incas were able to build temples and houses at an elevation of 4,200 meters. How did they do it? They made bridges out of long, tough grass called Chupa. Here's a fun fact about the world: not many people know that Machu Picchu wasn't discovered by Europeans until 1911. Archaeologist Hiram Bingham found it. Who knew he had such good taste? The Incas beat him to it by almost 500 years!

3) There are more graves than houses in some towns

The modern world is a fast-paced place, which makes it all too easy to be unaware of what's happening around you. For instance, did you know that there are more graves than houses in some towns? It's true! Larger cities have more houses and vice versa. What does this say about our society as a whole? Read on for more fun facts about the world that will surprise you.

4) Australia used to be connected to Antarctica

One fun fact about the world is that back in 1606-1607, Australia was connected to Antarctica. This theory originated with Antonio Pigafetta, who was part of Ferdinand Magellan's expedition during his circumnavigation of the earth. In a journal entry, he wrote We found we were unable to get higher than 22 degrees and 40 minutes of latitude. which would put them in what is now southern Tasmania but could have been connected to Antarctica at that time. Researchers also believe they can find evidence of a sunken land bridge off Australia's east coast.

5) Fish are smarter than you think

Fish are smarter than you think! This is not a metaphor. Fish feel pain, have memories, and have highly developed senses. Fish don't live in one place - they migrate across large distances and some fish cross entire oceans. A lot of people know about migration for birds, but few know about it for fish! Some fish like a specific kind of music that influences their behavior and movement. Not to mention that there are tens of thousands more fun facts about the world that will surprise you!

6) When the Puritans left England, they were actually returning home

As you know, we’re on a mission to go back and tell the history of America. But before we could leave England, we had to go through all of those fun facts about the world. Here are 8 fun facts about the world that will surprise you. 

#1-If you do a Google search for the Paraguay flag emoji, nothing will come up that is because there isn’t one! Paraguay didn’t adopt an emoji until 2015! 

#2-There is still no cure for Ebola; it was declared an international emergency in 2014 because of its rapidly worsening epidemic in Guinea and Sierra Leone. The current outbreak has killed over 11,000 people with more than 24,000 cases since March of this year. There is still no cure for Ebola, but treatment can help make sure the virus doesn't spread. The health ministry has been sending text messages to warn people when new cases have been confirmed and urging them to stay away from funeral rites which often involve close contact with corpses. One person who recently contracted the disease did so after changing his son's diaper at home.

7) Ever wonder what was in hotdogs?

A hotdog is one of America's favorite foods, but what is in a hotdog and where did it come from? Did you know that people used to eat pig snouts and trotters? Find out the history of this popular food with these fun facts about the world.

1. Hotdogs were invented in America, not Germany. The sausage-in-a-bun combination we now call a hot dog was first sold at New York's Coney Island in 1867. The inventor and American showman Charles Feltman put them on his cart, called Feltman's Marchands, meaning merchant. His nickname became Hot Dog Charlie and the name stuck. 

2. While the word hot dog comes from German words for bread (Haupt) and meat (wurst), it is believed that its roots are German immigrant workers who brought their lunchmeat sausages over to America, who had a reputation for being hot or spicy. 

3. A traditional hotdog consists of an all-beef frankfurter encased in bread, usually topped with mustard, ketchup, or both condiments; other common toppings include pickled cucumbers or onions, diced tomatoes, coleslaw, and sauerkraut.

8) You might have been born in another country if your parents were going there on holiday

Here are 8 fun facts about the world that might surprise you. Most of us think we know pretty much everything there is to know about it, but these fun facts are just enough to throw a little light on areas that you may not have been exposed to or thought much about before. 

The earth is round. If you were born in another country, then your birthplace could be one of eight countries in Europe if your parents were just going there on holiday! These countries are France, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, and Greece. What’s more, this will also apply if they were born while traveling within those countries (e.g. while on a train). It won’t work for the UK though as they’re an island so can’t give birth on their own soil!

You might not be from where you think: At least 100 million people live outside their home country as refugees. A refugee is someone who has had to leave their home because of persecution or war and seeks refuge in another place for safety reasons.

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