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8 fun facts about Atlanta that you don't know

facts about Atlanta
 8 fun facts about Atlanta that you don't know

Facts - Atlanta is one of the most unique and enthusiastic cities in the US, but there are still some fun facts about Atlanta that you might not know! Here are 8 fun facts about Atlanta that you might not know about!

1) The telephone conversation of the first two parties in the world was held in Atlanta

There are many fun facts about Atlanta. For example, telephone conversations of the first two parties in the world were held in Atlanta. This is December 11, 1876 and Alexander Graham Bell spoke with Thomas A. Watson just under one minute before hanging the phone. At present, we can hold several party conversations on our cellphones at once! In some states, it is illegal to operate mobile phones while driving without using hands-free devices. Georgia has no such laws, but has anti-text law. If you send an SMS and drive in Georgia, you can be fined $ 150 for the first violation and $ 300 for each next violation (with three or more violations in five years). The fine can be reduced to $ 25 if you successfully complete the driver's safety course within 30 days after receiving your quote notification.

2) 14% of the population of Georgia related to someone who fought in a civil war

It's hard to believe that 150 years ago, the two greatest American troops clashed in this city. The civil war is very destroyed for Atlanta, and also creates an unlawful sense of identity for its citizens. Georgia is one of the few countries that can say that at least 14% of its inhabitants are related to someone who fought in a civil war. Look at the 8 fun facts about Atlanta, you might not know 

1) There are more green space than people realized: Of course, there are many parks here such as Piedmont Park, Grant Park and South Fork Landfill Park. But did you know that Atlanta has more than 400 parks? That means there are almost four times more parks than NYC!

2) Homegrown Coca-Cola Begins here: One of the most iconic drinks in the world began here in 1885 when Pharmacist John Pemberton found Coca-Cola while working with a local drugstore owner named Asa Candler.

3) There is a giant peach in Atlanta

There are giant peaches in Atlanta! The Coca-Cola world is home to a replica as high as 30 feet from the fruit that was originally displayed on the label. The iconic logo was created in the 1920s by artists, John H. Patience, and the design of the original Peach used on various logos from time to time. In addition to displaying fruit that is bigger than life, visitors can explore exhibitions that focus on all aspects of Coca-Cola Company and their products. What is your favorite fun facts about Atlanta? Share with us below!

4) You can take a cruise of liquor in the river!

Sometimes small things in life that make the biggest difference, and this applies to happy and sad events. There are some attractions that you have never expected in Atlanta, but that surprise makes our city the same type. Today we will explore 8 fun facts about Atlanta that might surprise you!

If you are not from here or never have the opportunity to visit, here are some inner knowledge that might only change your view of ATL as a tourist destination. Let's start with our first pleasant facts!

Beer lovers rejoiced some of the most delicious beer varieties in this country can be found here in Georgia. The list of popular drinks grows every year and there is no shortage of choices for beer lovers!

5) Nearly 200 languages ​​are spoken at Atlanta School

Fun facts about Atlanta including that nearly 200 languages ​​were spoken in schools throughout the Metro region. This comes from a large number of ethnic, refugees, and immigrants who come to live in our vast city. In addition, 25% of our population was born abroad. This statistic shows why it is very important for our children to learn to speak more than one language so they can communicate with peers and their neighbors. 

You may also be interested in checking the fun facts on Friday: 8 Fun Facts about Atlanta that you don't know for more interesting information about the history and culture of our city!

6) Celebrate diversity

Atlanta is the capital of Georgia and one of the largest cities in the United States. Most people know that Atlanta is nicknamed the city in the forest because of the fertile tree canopy and urban green space. And even though this region will never be mistaken for New York City or Miami, this is a metropolitan city that is booming with an international taste thanks to more than 70 different countries represented on its border. More than 900 languages ​​are spoken by Atlantans, who come from all over the world. Eight fun facts about Atlanta show how diverse this city actually:

1) The busiest airport in the world - Hartsfield -Jackson International Airport - located only seven miles from the center of Atlanta.

7) Rise against inequality

Even though you might see improvements, there are still many inequality in America. Inequality also exists in the Southeast United States, which affects the quality of life of people. Learn more about this inequality and what it means to us in Uga and the United States southeast by reading seven fun facts about Atlanta.

1) Chattahooochee river separates Alabama from Georgia. 

2) Three major cities of Georgia are located near each other, including: Athens, Augusta, and Savannah. 

3) Crocodiles live in the swamps of Georgia because they need water to stay cold during the summer months. 4) Former President Jimmy Carter was born in Plains, GA on October 1, 1924. 

5) Another former president who has a relationship with Georgia is Lyndon B Johnson who was born on August 27, 1908 and served as Vice President under John F Kennedy to Kennedy Killed on November 22, 1963. 

6) There are two main soccer teams in Atlanta:

Falcons who played at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium and Atlanta Falcons played at the Stadium of the State of Georgia (since they moved to Georgia). 

7) Persik countries produce most of the peaches planted in other places in the world!

8) Everything is greater here

Everything is bigger in the south, including this crowded metropolis. The city of Atlanta is the capital of Georgia and has been home to many celebrities for many years. Like Elvis Presley, who visited and performed here three times. In addition to serving as home to a number of mayors and governors during history, a US president even left his tracks in ATL with executive orders during World War II to help create job opportunities in the industry related to defense. All fun facts about Atlanta make it a pleasant place for all ages! Here are some things you might not know about:

-Candara is the first of its type to offer direct flights between Europe and America.

The highest building -atlanta was named after the world famous architect John Portman, who designed the iconic Peachtree center tower and other famous buildings around the world.

-Bacta -Fact: Atlanta held an annual best dress contest that began in 1965 by combining two separate contests - one for women's clothing and another for men's clothing - became one event to respect fashion from head to toe.

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