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8 fun facts about America that you don't know

fun facts about America
 8 fun facts about America that you don't know

Facts - Even if you think you know everything about the United States, there are still many interesting facts about America that many people don't know! Did you know that John Quincy Adams wore women's clothes under his clothes? Or the last word Thomas Jefferson, is that the fourth? In the following article, we will see eight fun facts about America that you might never know.

1) US is not the largest country in the world

The United States is not the largest country in the world. This is 34th rank, with 3,796 million square miles in total land. The only country that is bigger than the US is Russia (with 8,583 million square miles), Canada (at 9,984 million), and China (at 9,372 million). Here are some fun facts about America -there are 4 former U.S. President. Living: Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and George H.W. Bushes

-Pressy The nation's first black president was inaugurated on January 20, 2009: Barack Obama

-The 50 states in the US: Hawaii is the 50th state that joined the Union

2) National anthem was originally poetry by Francis Scott Key

This is the day of the national anthem and people -people ask questions why it is so great for Americans to sing the national anthem. Let's look at 8 fun facts about America that you don't know:

America also has many unofficial national anthem, including my country, Yankee Doodle, and Star-Spangled banners. These songs celebrate the two regions or events in American history. However, the first person to write a famous patriotic song was Francis Scott Key. A lawyer based on trade, he wrote the words to the stars-spangled banners while being detained on the British ship during the 1812 war.

Key got the idea to write his poetry after watching the attack on Fort Mchenry in Baltimore. He was so touched by the view that he decided to record his thoughts about what would happen if the Britain won the war. He then finished the lyrics with John Stafford Smith for publication on the handbill (a piece of paper printed cheaply).

Star-Spangled Banner officially became our national anthem on March 3, 1931 when President Herbert Hoover signed a joint resolution of House 328. The resolution calls for all public buildings to play banners of star-spangled stars every morning and evening, along with other patriotic songs.

3) The real name for Arizona is Hypogeo

The real name for Arizona is Hypogeo, which means underground. Around 1800, Spain began to mine silver ore in the area and soon became one of the richest countries in the world. When settlers began to move to this new land, they began to call it Arizonia or small Mexico. When given the name now, we could not not pay attention to how big it resembled the two words that described one of our favorite treats- Cake Sheets! So we collect fun facts about America that you hope you will think what your own contribution is. There are many things that you might not know about America - like how different states get their names or interesting history lessons.

4) There are 10 official languages ​​in America

Although English is the most common language in America, Spanish is the second most spoken language. This is because it was brought by various people, such as through trade with South and Central American countries and through immigrants. Although there are several other official languages ​​throughout the United States, including Hawaii, there are still states where not everyone speaks English.

There is more to know about your country than just the facts that you learn in elementary school! Did you know that Americans adopt football from Canada? Or that if we don't choose the president, the congress will choose one for us? There are many fun facts about America that will make you excited to share what makes our country great.

5) New York Named Duke

If you are an American and want to know more about the United States, then this is for you. There are many fun facts about America that are not known to many people. One of the fun facts is that New York City is named after Duke British, Duke of York. The original name of the city was New Amsterdam and was replaced by his name in honor of Duke when he became King of James II of England. Another interesting fact about America including -New Orleans is the oldest European settlement that continues to be inhabited in North America.

-German forms more than 10% of the California population but only contributes 1% of the country as a whole.

-Negara with the lowest obesity level? Colorado at 19%. The country with the highest obesity level? Mississippi at 34%.

6) The only capital of the nation on an island

Located on an island in the Bay of Mexico, Miami is the only American capital that can be achieved by boat. By saying that, it is also one of the few US cities that boast of the tropical climate and the beach close to the city center. Although not all about Miami is certainly fun - the two biggest sources of income in this city are crime and tourism - there are still some things to know before you leave. For example, there is only one traffic lights throughout Miami Beach! This might look like an oddity now, but imagine how bad traffic is before this discovery takes place. So start a list of facts fun us about America that you don't know

7) Vermont was once his own country

America has a rich history, with stories and history that stretches as far as 1390! But even more interesting than that, some United States is less famous than the others. For example, Vermont used to be his own country before becoming part of the US in 1791. There are other fun facts about America that can be found as well, such as Tennessee which is known for its corn porridge. No matter how much you know about the history of this country, there is always more to be learned.

8) Not in Pennsylvania named William Penn

There are some fun facts about America that are not widely known. They are not taught in every class, but you must know them to really understand what it means to be an American.

-Pennsylvania is not named William Penn, and there is nothing else in that state. This is officially called the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, or Pennsylvania if you want all luxury with your ancient words.

-Sembaga -Most people think Alabama is nicknamed the state of Yellowhammer. That is wrong! The official nickname is the heart of Dixie and they don't even have a bird as their mascot! Isn't that crazy?

-Alalanka doesn't have many people who live there.

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