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10 Interesting Facts About the USA You Probably Didn't Know

Interesting Facts About the USA
 10 Interesting Facts About the USA You Probably Didn't Know

Facts - The USA is the third largest country in the world, and it’s home to so many different people from all around the globe. There are so many interesting facts about the US that it can be hard to keep track of them all! Here are ten facts about the US that you may not have known

1) The USA flag consists of 50 stars, one for each state in the Union

Every state in the Union is represented on the flag, with stars that symbolize the unity of its people. Originally, there were 13 colonies. These original thirteen states were Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Georgia, Connecticut, Massachusetts Bay Colony (which then included Maine), Maryland, Virginia Colony (now West Virginia), North Carolina, South Carolina and Rhode Island and Providence Plantations (which later became part of Connecticut). The colonies became states after declaring independence from England.

2) Washington DC was originally named after General George Washington

Washington DC was created by a Congress resolution and the 13 states that made up the Union in 1790. It became official in 1800 with the ratification of Virginia, Maryland, and New York. It has been called District of Columbia since 1847 when most English-speaking people still recognized district as meaning administrative subdivision. 

This land of 650 square miles is often known as America’s biggest small town and it is filled with history from not only our own American forefathers but also England and France. We take a closer look at 10 interesting facts about usa you probably didn't know.

3) North Dakota is home to Grand Forks, while South Dakota's largest city is Sioux Falls

How about we look at the Midwestern states for a bit. Number 10 on our list is North Dakota, which is home to the city of Grand Forks. The population for this state is 672,591, and it's ranked 40th in size among U.S. states and 36th in population. As for South Dakota, its largest city by far is Sioux Falls with an estimated 188,644 residents - meaning over half of its residents live there! Interesting facts about usa

4) Nebraska's biggest city is Omaha, while its capital city is Lincoln

-The average person in Nebraska walks 30 minutes each day, which is three times as much as people in Colorado.

-Nebraska has been divided into 3 time zones since January 1, 1949. This is due to a compromise between those who wanted two zones and those who wanted four. (it's an interesting fact about usa) -Among American states, Nebraska ranks second highest for farmers owning less than five acres of land: 43% of all farmable land is owned by individuals who own less than five acres. -It was only recently that members of both houses of Nebraska state legislature were required to live in the same district they represent. Historically, this was not always the case, and this requirement has meant more rural legislators and fewer urban legislators over time.

5) California houses Hollywood, while New York has Wall Street

* Twenty-four of America's 50 states use a marine mammal as their state animal. America's two most populous states, California and Texas, are the exceptions.

* Beverly Hills is home to some of the wealthiest people in America--1 out of every 7 homes is worth over $1 million dollars. In fact, its average value per household is $1.6 million dollars! It might not be a popular tourist destination like San Francisco or Manhattan, but it still has its own star power with residents like Lisa Vanderpump and Kim Kardashian making headlines on a regular basis. * More than 40% of women have no health insurance and one in four are uninsured altogether.

6) Alaska's biggest city is Anchorage, while Delaware's capital city is Dover

A great opportunity to mix with people from around the world. It is also a chance to learn about different cultures, religions and philosophies. America provides you with a platform that no other country offers. There are many interesting facts about usa like Alaska's biggest city is Anchorage while Delaware's capital city is Dover (Fascinating, right?). In New York, you'll find America's biggest Chinatown where people flock to partake in their favorite activities such as bargain shopping and sampling street food. Plus, there are some more interesting facts about usa that you probably didn't know!

7) Vermont has lots of cows but no prisons!

Vermont has some interesting facts about usa. In spite of being one of the smallest states in America, it has a ton of cows but no prisons! It is also among one of only two places in the world where wild turkeys are indigenous. The other place is New Mexico. Vermont is also home to such interesting facts about usa as Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream Factory and Cider Mill here. It also has more than 16,000 dairy farms, more than any other state in America! And did you know that Vermont has a sizeable Jewish population? As recently as 1942 there were 200 Jews living in Vermont. Today, Vermont is home to an estimated 250 Jews. That's pretty cool, huh?

8) Florida used to be a haven for British soldiers who had deserted during the Revolutionary War.

Nope, we're not talking about Florida's humidity or alligators. Apparently, this southern state was originally created as a refuge for British soldiers who had deserted their posts during the Revolutionary War. It's unclear whether they turned on Florida or just hopped on a boat back to England. But it did happen, so there you go. Now that you know this little factoid, you'll be an expert and all your friends will be wondering where you found out these interesting facts about usa!

9) Long Island isn't an island - it’s 100 miles long and contains hundreds of towns. 

Long Island isn’t an island - it’s 100 miles long and contains hundreds of towns. And, even though its residents are often identified as from Long Island, it is only one of several islands that make up New York State. But if you live on Long Island, what town do you call home? Does knowing this matter to your identity? A lot of Islanders who are not born in Long Island choose to live there. For example, immigrants from China and Germany move their families over the bridge to Nassau County or Suffolk County. But do they have a connection to their roots? Do they identify themselves as a Long Islander? We explore this question below: 

*How many towns are on Long Island?

10) Mount Rushmore National Memorial in South Dakota features sculptures honoring four United States presidents.

1. One of America's most famous monuments is located in South America: Mount Rushmore National Memorial in South Dakota features sculptures honoring four United States presidents. 2. The first American flag had 13 stars and 13 stripes, representing that there were 13 colonies. 3. Congress meets for five months of every year, starting in January and ending at the end of June. 4. The Star-Spangled Banner was written during the War of 1812, but did not become the national anthem until 1931. 5. Hawaii is often considered a state, but it's actually a territory. 6. It took 40 years to build the Panama Canal connecting North and South America - more than 25 million people died during its construction. 7. Alaska has been purchased from Russia by the US many times over different periods - in 1867 it cost $7 million ($120 million today). 8. Abraham Lincoln was elected president after he won only 39% of votes on his second try - six people split all other votes between them! 9. Half of all Americans live within 50 miles of a coastline 10. Nine out of ten Americans are Christians

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