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10 interesting facts about English that you might not know

interesting facts about English
 10 interesting facts about English that you might not know

Facts - English is probably not the most widely used language in the world, but it is clearly one of the most interesting out there. This also continues to grow, which makes track of progress and its origin is much more difficult. That's why we compile a list of 10 interesting facts about English that you might not know about!

1) Some words have very strange origin

One of the most interesting things about words is that they often have a very strange origin. This can make them difficult to understand when you see it, but it also makes them full of surprises and intrigue. Here are some interesting facts about English that you might not know:

-The word library comes from a word which means providing books. -Orange words are rooted in Arabic. This is translated into something like a yellow apple, which is how orange trees are seen in the world. -The world is known as the earth until the scholars began to call it Gaia after other planets in our solar system on the advice of Carl Sagan.

2) The book Green Eggs and Ham is inspired by breakfast eggs

Green Eggs and Ham were written by children's writers named Dr. Seuss, whose full name is Theodor Geisel. Apparently, Dr. Seuss got an idea for this book from egg breakfast - especially human and green vegetables with scrambled eggs - which his wife sent for breakfast one morning. One example of an interesting facts about English is that the words of the alphabetical are actually quite complicated, because we are very accustomed to reading left-to-right in books like this we use in classrooms and libraries. As you might have been aware of, many languages ​​such as Arabic and Hebrew are read right and left!

3) 'boondocks' got his name from Africa

For those who don't know, Boondocks are American comics written and illustrated by Aaron McGruder. It is located in a fictional environment that is mostly black in Woodcrest called Woodcrest Hills (also known as boondocks) in a place near Chicago, Illinois. The series debuted on October 3, 1999. BOONDOCKS got his name from Africa which means 'wild bush' or 'region non -inhabitants'.

1) The fanny package comes when pedestrians need to carry important items for survival. With limited clothing bags and lack of backpacks because of their hiking style, they will bind these bags around their hips to carry items such as food and additional clothing. This is also sometimes referred to as a hiking belt because it was initially worn when climbing a hill or mountain. They are usually used at this time in the music festival, amusement park, and other major meetings where the storage option may be rare.

2) Toilet paper was first discovered in 1857 by Joseph Gayetty but did not get popularity until 1880 when Charmin's toilet paper was released!

3) Did you know that December 25 was not chosen to celebrate Christmas?

4) Soy sauce can be used as a salad sauce with olive oil!

5) Croissant said Kwa-san is not Kwa-Zan because it's French!

4) We all need 5-6 hours of sleep every night

You can live a satisfying life with only five hours of sleep every night, but you need six. Ten excessive except your natural work schedule is limited to day eight hours. Six hours it seems a lot when it was not your only choice. It has been proven that six hours more than enough time for humans to recover from the pressure of daily life and return to business. In addition, there are many interesting facts about English that you might not know, including

5) President Donald Trump's Hair is Self -Words - Trumped

On January 24, 2017, President Donald Trump met with officials from Toyota and Softbank Japan, at Trump Tower in New York City. According to Fortune magazine, Trump commented on his hair which said that it looked better than before! When he shook hands with press members. This is one of the many interesting facts about English that you might not have known before.

6) There are only two words in Italian which ended with -cia: mafia and spaghetti

Interesting facts about English are having more than 500,000 words. How many Italian do you think? If you guess the lower number, then you are right. There are only two words in Italian which ends with -cia: mafia and spaghetti. The word spaghetti is used for single and plural nouns when referring to this food.

7) What is a bedtime song?

The earliest Bawut was found in Egyptian jars from 1100 BC, and historians have even seen it among Roman and African culture. The meaning of the sleeping song is to entertain a child until he is asleep. Subordinates can vary in melodies and lyrics, but they always contain soft tones with soft poem. A Popular A Lullaby Good: Baby Rock-A-Bye at the top of the tree when the wind blows your cradle will sway. This melody is often taken across the ocean to Europe by immigrants during the colonial period and can still be heard playing in places like agriculture. There are 10 interesting facts about English that you might not know about!

8) Triscaidekaphobia (fear number 13) is real

Do you want to know some interesting facts about English? Many people do not know that our world has had 13 days a week for centuries. In fact, we use weeks of seven days because we offer more variations. Another strange thing about our language is that although there are more than 6 million words in it, many of them only have one definition! It might sound like an easy challenge but when you think about it, if all these words have the same meaning then who knows what the original word word means?

9) Many coffee terms are made by Starbucks. They must be funny!

If you like drinking coffee, you might want to know about some terms. Here are 10 interesting facts about English that you might not know.  When we use the word spicy, it means having heat: Some people may never realize that the word spicy does not only mean good in food.

The part of a book that comes before chapter one is referred to as Introduction to neglect: Have you ever wondered what part of that part at the beginning of the book mentioned? Well, this is called the introduction of neglect.

Homophone - Two words with different meanings that sound the same: there are many words in English that sound the same but have different meanings. These words are called homophones and can be very confusing for students to understand.

10) One door is not always one liter! So be careful.

One of the most confusing and truly strange strange info about English is how some words will be very different depending on the type of part of their words. 'One' for example is a noun in a sentence like I bought one and adjective in a sentence like that. But 'what is there' makes it a word when we use it as an object. Now, if you are still unclear about this or other grammar terms, don't worry! We have helped you with a list of 10 interesting facts about English that might come to save you.

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