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10 Amazing Facts About the World That'll Leave You Shocked

Amazing Facts
 10 Amazing Facts About the World That'll Leave You Shocked

Hoalah - As a matter of fact, there are several ways to get your spouse to actually listen to what you’re trying to say. That may sound like an exaggeration, but the truth is that this does happen if you take the time and effort to learn how to communicate effectively with each other – and to actively avoid the temptation of giving up when it gets too difficult or frustrating. As follows are 5 ways you can get your spouse to actually listen to what you have to say. .

1. The length of time it would take to walk across the entire surface of the earth

As a matter of fact, the earth is 70% water, so it would take about seven times around the world. One lap would be about 24,900 miles in length. Walking at an average pace, it would take you about six months to complete one lap. That's not counting all the things you'll see along the way or the time spent on each continent!

2. The age old question, What would happen if we were all to drop our mobile phones into water?

What would happen if we were all to drop our mobile phones into water? A lot. But it's also not likely. In 2013, the most popular phone in America was the iPhone 5. As of June 2014, Apple sold 275 million iPhones worldwide since its introduction in 2007 and that doesn't include iPhones before 2007. That's a lot of phones--ones that all survived drops and spills throughout their lifespans. What other strange experiments do people try when they're bored? See, boredom isn't the problem here. It's just a matter of fact: No one drops their phone in water on purpose.

3. And do you know why people are so friendly in Iceland?

1. One thing that I found interesting about Iceland is that the people there are so friendly. Matter of fact, when we first arrived at the airport there was someone waiting for us with our name on a sign and took us straight away to the baggage claim area. The man with the sign was wearing a nice suit and had introduced himself before telling us what to do. All in all, he looked like he was ready to take care of all our needs without asking anything from us in return. 2. I thought it was really cool that they have this system set up where you can hire someone by paying them just once. And no matter how many times they drive you around or do your grocery shopping, you only pay them once!

4. Believe it or not these facts will indeed leave you shocked!

There are five simple, effective ways to get your spouse's attention and make sure they're really listening when you need it most.

1. Use Matter of Fact Language: Say what you want in plain, straightforward language--no long preamble or insults! If you want your spouse to put their phone away during dinner, for example, tell them plainly that you don't like when they do this. No one needs lengthy explanations or expletives in these types of situations. Just say how it makes you feel in an even-keeled manner and then stay firm with what you would like the person in question to do.

5. As opposed to popular belief, it's entirely true!

As opposed to popular belief, it's entirely true! The five ways to get your spouse to actually listen are as follows: establish eye contact, speak calmly and respectfully, be clear about what you want them to do, use I statements and avoid blaming. When they are being listened to by their spouse in this way, they will respond better. As a matter of fact!

6. Have you ever wondered what lies beyond those stars in space?

You have the opportunity to get your spouse's attention by simply asking them what they think about beyond those stars in space. They might be surprised that you're interested in their opinion, but it could lead to an interesting conversation. This is just one of many different ways you can get your spouse's attention and show that you care about their thoughts. Check out this blog post for five more tips on how you can get your spouse's attention (matter of fact).

7. Just take a closer look at this list and get shocked about how interesting facts can be!

1. The average human's attention span is about 8 seconds. 

2. The brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text. 

3. 10% of the population have synesthesia, which means that numbers or letters trigger certain colors, shapes, smells or sounds in their mind. 

4. 56% of people start yawning within 5 minutes of seeing someone else do it. 

5. A woman will spend 30 days over the course of her lifetime menstruating and 3 months pregnant - and yet women make up only 43% of the world's population!

8. We cannot deny that money does bring happiness!

It is an undeniable truth that most spouses would not be able to work if it wasn’t for their other half paying the bills. That being said, it also is something you should appreciate as a matter of fact. There are so many more things in life than simply having enough money in your bank account. Without their spouse at home, one might feel disconnected and isolated from the people around them, which are all important things that everyone needs in order to have a fulfilled life. Not only that, but they will have fewer opportunities to have time with their children while still having the responsibilities they need outside of work or when they are at work - without relying on childcare as much.

9. Unfortunately, this is actually happening in real life today!

We've all been there. One spouse is reading their book, watching the movie, or scrolling on their phone and one spouse is talking. The lack of interest from the other person can lead to frustration and sometimes anger. Why don't they listen? Well, it's hard for one person to give you 100% attention so we can't be mad at them but there are some things you can do to make your life easier:

- Start your sentences with matter of fact. I think it makes people hear me more clearly and also helps get my point across better if I am too nervous about what I am going to say so matter of fact phrases might be useful in those cases. 

- Try not getting emotional in the conversation unless absolutely necessary; stay calm and have patience.

10. Water can also have amazing benefits for us human beings...so drink up!

It's true! Water isn't just good for the earth and our families and friends. Drinking water can also have amazing benefits for us human beings, as matter of fact. For example, did you know that drinking water can help regulate blood sugar levels? In other words, it helps keep your energy levels steady throughout the day! It also helps maintain proper hydration levels in your body, which is important because we all know how much water weight we can gain by not drinking enough water. And don't forget about all that extra H2O helping flush out toxins from your system too! All in all, there are SO many reasons why everyone should be drinking their 8-12 glasses of water per day!

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